SYNC Youth Leadership Council’s Recommendations for their community

Over the past two years, SYNC’s Youth Leadership Council members have become experts on the needs of young people in the Skyway WA community. Watch the recording of their recommendations to keep the ownership of the Skyway community in the hands of its residents.

Feedback we have already gotten from the Skyway community that we will work on incorporating as we move forward is that rent control will have negative effects on landlords/home owners in Skyway.

A couple of notes from the adult coordinator of the group: You will be hearing from 3 youth leaders in this video, they are reflecting on the work done by 8 young over the past two years, some of whom could not join us for the presentation due to connectivity issues. I forgot to press record before the presentation started, so the Year One section of the presentation was recorded the next day. There are a few places where I, the adult coordinator, messed up on moving forward and backward on the slides. Please try and ignore my mistakes and focus on the work and expertise of the Youth Leaders.

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